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Maternity resources newly refreshed for healthcare staff

Posted on: December 20th, 2023 by Louise Garrahan No Comments

Three maternity modules within the Cultural Competence elearning programme have recently been reviewed and updated.

The resources support clinicians to gain knowledge and understanding of the issues around culture and health; and how this might reduce disparities in healthcare outcomes. Developed by NHS England, elearning for healthcare and the Royal College of Midwives, the updated modules now include the recent evidence base and literature on culture, the potential impact on health outcomes and lived experience.

They support the delivery of the Better Births vision of improving maternity care in England and helps to deliver the three year delivery plan for maternity and neonatal services’ ambition to reduce the rate of stillbirths, neonatal and maternal deaths and intrapartum brain injuries in babies in England by 50% by 2025.

For more information and to access the sessions, please visit the Cultural Competence programme page.

New SCRIPT elearning on dental pain and bipolar affective disorder

Posted on: December 15th, 2023 by Louise Garrahan No Comments

Healthcare professionals can now access two new modules in the SCRIPT elearning programme on odontogenic orofacial pain and bipolar affective disorder.

The first module, aimed at primary care dentists, covers the diagnosis of commonly occurring presentations of pain seen in primary care dental settings. The course focuses on odontogenic/dento-alveolar pain management.

It can be accessed free of charge through the SCRIPT Dentistry portfolio, which consists of 10 modules, aimed to improve prescribing competency and safety among Foundation and qualified dentists.

The second module helps healthcare staff to understand the treatment and management of bipolar affective disorder. It provides information on the medicines commonly used in the management of acute mania and prophylaxis of bipolar affective disorder. It also provides detailed practical advice on the role and risks of toxicity associated with lithium.

This module within the SCRIPT Medicine and Surgery, Ambulance Service and Pharmacy portfolios is also available free of charge to learners.

New elearning on thyroid eye disease now available

Posted on: December 12th, 2023 by Louise Garrahan No Comments

A new elearning course on thyroid eye disease is now available within the Eye-Site Ophthalmology programme.

This course will educate learners in the diagnosis and management of thyroid eye disease.

Developed by NHS England elearning for healthcare, the Royal College of Ophthalmologists and the Thyroid Eye Disease Charitable Trust, it aims to improve the experience of patients with thyroid eye disease. It covers the natural history, features and diagnosis of the disease, as well as medical and surgical management.

The course is aimed at specialist trainees in ophthalmology but would also be of interest to other ophthalmologists and eyecare professionals, as well as endocrinologists and GPs who may have patients with this condition.

To access the course, please visit the Eye-Site programme page.

Eastman Dental Hospital Education Centre launches new elearning package

Posted on: December 12th, 2023 by Vanessa Bassnett No Comments

Eastman Dental Hospital Education Centre has launched a new package of elearning for UK NHS dental teams, offering a range of clinical and non-clinical content to upskill and inform clinical practice and support the Advancing Dental Care (ADC) agenda. 

The training offers dentists, dental nurses, hygienists, and other dental professionals easy access to tailored, interactive learning based on the latest techniques and evidence. It is designed to elevate expertise and proficiency, build confidence in daily clinical practice and balance learning against the professional demands of a busy schedule. 

The elearning has been created in partnership with NHS England’s Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) team and the first phase of the programme is available on the elearning for healthcare (elfh) Hub. The first modules are: 

Child focused dental practices (CFDP): A series of 11 webinars focussing on the treatment of children and young people with tips and guidance on tools and techniques that can be used in general dental practice. 

General Dentistry e-learning: This series of 13 webinars provides guidance on the assessment, diagnosis and management of patients with general oral diseases.  Each session provides up to date information on current thinking and management. 

Future phases of the programme will include modules on Restorative Based e-learning, followed by the Core Learning Series for Dental Care Professionals (DCP).

NHS staff can register for the elfh Hub for free and the modules and webinars can be accessed online 24/7 so learning content is always accessible and can be completed when convenient. Each completed session provides certification of continued professional development.  

To access the elearning visit the Eastman Dental Hospital Education Centre programme page 

Inclusive practice in medical radiation safety elearning sessions now available

Posted on: December 7th, 2023 by Kieron Bradshaw No Comments

Two new elearning sessions have been developed to support the clinical imaging workforce to navigate the delivery of safe, effective, and equitable healthcare to the UK’s gender diverse population. Lynda Johnson, Professional Officer for Clinical Imaging and Radiation Protection, The Society and College of Radiographers (SoR), provides an overview of the sessions:

Since the SoR published Inclusive pregnancy status guidelines for ionising radiation: Diagnostic and therapeutic exposures in 2021, there has been an increase in the number of organisations actively seeking gender inclusive education and training for staff.

To support this work, and in recognition of the fact that inclusive practice is a matter for the wider workforce, the SoR produced a freely accessible dedicated webpage of resources. The opportunity to develop these two elearning sessions is a valuable and effective addition to promote and provide the most accessible learning materials to the whole clinical imaging workforce.

UK society reflects an array of gender diversities1. The modern clinical imaging workforce must strive to deliver services that do not make assumptions about gender and train staff to recognise people as individuals. Gender identity might be a sensitive and personal matter for staff and patients. Health and care professionals are required to display conduct that is non-discriminatory, and they must not allow personal views to affect their relationships with others or the care they provide2,3,4. How we steer our way through these complexities is determined by what we understand to be true. Gender diversity is a topic that seems to fascinate the British media, but sensationalised news stories are perhaps not the best source of truth.

The new elearning sessions, developed by experts with experience, lead the reader through the importance of respectful language and behaviours, respectful terminology, and the practical considerations of using the inclusive pregnancy checking forms and complying with the requirements of The Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposure) Regulations 20175 (2018 NI)6. The structured approach across two linked sessions is designed to give learners a deeper understanding of gender inequalities in healthcare and provides the tools and confidence to apply a more inclusive approach to care. The sessions can be accessed from a safe environment of choice and offer readers the time to assess their knowledge and reflect on valuable learning about this important topic.

Access the training:

The two new sessions can be accessed via the Clinical Imaging elearning programme.


  1. Gender identity, England and Wales: Census 2021
  5. The Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposure) Regulations 2017 (
  6. The Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposure) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2018 (

Refreshed Population Health Management elearning now available

Posted on: December 6th, 2023 by Louise Garrahan No Comments

The Introduction to Population Health Management (PHM) elearning programme has been significantly reviewed and updated to further upskill health and care professionals in the approach.

The reviewed content, developed with NHS England and wider partners, covers topics including how to get started on PHM, core capabilities, intelligence tools and practical examples.

PHM uses linked data and continuous improvement cycles to understand the needs of local people and communities. It helps predict what is driving poor future outcomes and supports frontline teams with designing and implementing new preventative models to meet local needs.

Additional elearning on related topics such as needs assessment and population segmentation are also available. The modules are all hosted on the Population Health Management section on NHS England’s elearning for healthcare Hub.

A new communications toolkit for colleagues to promote PHM within their own networks is also now available.

Stress and mental health: Foundation update (December 2023)

Posted on: December 4th, 2023 by Kieron Bradshaw 1 Comment

Welcome to your December 2023 update from the Foundation elearning programme. This month focuses on stress and mental health.

All doctors feel stress at some time in their working lives. How do you recognise it in yourself and/or in your colleagues? What are your options to deal with it? The following sessions contain information that can support you, as well as highlighting implications on patient safety.


The sessions cover key areas in your curriculum on:

FPC 4: Communication and Care

FPC 5: Continuity of Care

FPC 6: Sharing the Vision

FPC 7: Fitness to Practise

FPC 8: Upholding Values

FPC 11: Ethics and Law

The Foundation elearning programme has been developed specifically for Foundation doctors by the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges in partnership with NHS England elearning for healthcare (NHSE elfh), and is approved by the UK Foundation Programme (UKFPO).

The online training has a range of other sessions that might help you. Please log in to the programme page to view more.

You can sign on to the elearning with your login supplied by elearning for healthcare at any time during your foundation training.

HORUS and TURAS have deep links to elearning for healthcare sessions from the Foundation Curriculum and are therefore accessible to all trainees, making it quicker and easier to access the appropriate session linked to the curriculum.

elfh is a NHS England programme in partnership with the NHS and professional bodies