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Empowering patients to manage chronic breathlessness

Posted on: October 26th, 2023 by Kieron Bradshaw No Comments

Many people live with chronic breathlessness and often feel helpless, believing nothing can be done to relieve the symptom. However, there are many self-management techniques that can make a difference, allowing people to feel more in control, confident and able to get on with their daily lives.

A free online course is now available that aims to help health professionals understand how chronic breathlessness can still be improved even when the underlying condition cannot. The training takes approximately 20 minutes to complete and is relevant for any health professional who looks after people with long-term conditions causing chronic breathlessness. This includes nurses, therapists, advanced practitioners, doctors and psychologists working in primary care, community care and secondary care.

Long-term conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and heart failure can cause breathlessness that persists even when the underlying condition is being medically managed as well as possible. Upon completion of the training you will have learned some practical tips to manage the symptom, and you will have considered other sources of support for people living with chronic breathlessness.

The training has been developed as part of the NHS England Respiratory Long Term Plan Breathlessness Management workstream, to support colleagues with easily accessible education around non-pharmacological self-management support for people living with chronic breathlessness.

To find out more and access the training, please visit the Managing Chronic Breathlessness programme page.

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