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e-Learning programme available to support health and care workers in identifying and responding to child sexual exploitation

Posted on: October 29th, 2020 by Rachel Gowland No Comments

elearning programme available to Support Health and Care Workers in Identifying and Responding to Child Sexual Exploitation

Healthcare Education England elearning for healthcare (HEE elfh) worked in partnership with Brook, the leading young person’s sexual health and wellbeing charity, to update existing elearning resources designed to support educators, health and care professionals and community workers in identifying victims of child sexual exploitation (CSE).

About the elearning programme

The CSE elearning programme aims to build the skills and confidence required by educators, health and care professionals and community workers to identify child victims of exploitation, respond to disclosures and take action if they suspect a young person is at risk.

elearning modules within the programme include:

Module 1: What is CSE?
Module 2: Spotting the signs
Module 3: Safeguarding young people.

On average, each CSE elearning module takes 15 minutes to complete, delivered in interactive formats. You can also test your knowledge at the end of a module and gain access to a resource bank to support you in your work.

About Brook
Through clinical services, digital support, counselling and relationship and sex education, Brook supports young people to take charge of their sexual health and wellbeing.
Brook aims to develop health and care professionals’ skills and confidence to deliver the high-quality services young people need and deserve.

How to access the elearning
You can learn more about the Child Sexual Exploitation elearning programme here:
The Child Sexual Exploitation Programme is also available to the health and care workforce via AICC and the Electronic Staff Record (ESR).

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