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ESCAPE-pain - using education and exercise to support people with chronic joint pain

Posted on: September 15th, 2020 by Rachel Gowland No Comments

Health Education England elearning for healthcare (HEE elfh) in partnership with ESCAPE-pain and the Health Innovation Network, developed two elearning resources, aimed at helping healthcare professionals and exercise instructors understand the principles behind the ESCAPE-pain programme.

The programme enables health and care professionals and exercise instructors to facilitate group education and exercise sessions for people living with chronic joint pain.

elearning resources

There are two ESCAPE-pain programmes designed to support people living with chronic knee and hip pain, and people living with chronic back pain.  Each elearning session takes approximately 20-30 minutes to complete, with the aim of improving providers’ understanding of what the programme involves and to prepare for the facilitator training.

Following the elearning sessions, health and care professionals and exercise instructors are required to attend facilitator training. For more information about this, please visit the ESCAPE-pain website https://escape-pain.org/

Accessing the elearning

If you would like to know more about the programme, including access details to the elearning sessions, the ESCAPE-pain team is waiting to support you.

Please email the team at: hello@escape-pain.org for more information.

Updated pain management e-learning programme

Posted on: July 19th, 2018 by Alex Drinkall No Comments

The elearning programme “e-PAIN” that was developed by the Faculty of Pain Medicine, The British Pain Society and Health Education England elearning for healthcare (HEE elfh) is the place to start for anyone working in the NHS who wishes to better understand and manage pain.

e-PAIN is a multidisciplinary programme based on the International Association for the Study of Pain’s recommended multidisciplinary curriculum for healthcare professionals learning about pain management. Registration to the programme is free to all NHS staff members.

e-PAIN uniquely distils the knowledge of a range of professionals into 12 modules made up of interactive sessions to meet the needs of a multidisciplinary audience. The modules cover knowledge ranging from how to manage acute pain well, through to in-depth learning about common pain conditions and moves on to cover how to manage pain in specialist areas, such as pain in cancer or pain in childhood.

e-PAIN is current, up to date and presented in an interactive way to make both basic and specialist knowledge accessible.

Any e-PAIN module can be completed stand alone and a downloadable certificate is available upon completion of each module. Most sessions take on average 30 minutes to complete and each module has on average five sessions.

For more information about the elearning programme and for details of how to access the programme visit: https://www.e-lfh.org.uk/programmes/pain-management/

elfh is a NHS England programme in partnership with the NHS and professional bodies