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New online learning session for schools, colleges and mental health teams about bullying and cyberbullying

Posted on: June 13th, 2024 by Charlotte Murray No Comments

In this new session learners can find out more about how to integrate whole school and college approaches for bullying and mental health and wellbeing. This includes what this means in practice for young people, families, schools, colleges and local partners. This final module; Collaborating to deal with bullying, builds on the previous three sessions which explore the causes and effects of bullying on children and young people.

Developed by the MindEd programme in NHS England’s eLearning for healthcare programme (elfh) in collaboration and partnership with experts by experience, the four modules provide up-to-date definitions of bullying and cyber bullying and guides the learner through a range of evidence-based interventions to address bullying in a school or college setting.

Each module takes approximately 30minutes to complete and through the use of scenarios and short narrative videos, they provide practical guidance and learning points on how and when to intervene to prevent bullying or cyber bullying.

For more information and to access the modules please visit the programme page.

Updated Mental Capacity Act elearning now available

Posted on: March 21st, 2024 by Louise Garrahan No Comments

The Mental Capacity Act elearning programme has been updated for all health and care staff who work with people lacking mental capacity.

The resource has been revised and updated in line with recent case law and user feedback; and includes essential revisions to materials about the Liberty Protection Safeguards.

There are 12 sessions in the programme which cover a range of topics including best interests, restraint, adult safeguarding and deprivation of liberty. It is aimed at all health and care professionals who work with people aged 16 and over, who might lack mental capacity to make essential decisions at the time these decisions need making.

Since it was developed in 2019 the programme has been launched 870,000 times and has more than 95,000 active users across the health and social care sectors.

For more information and to access the newly updated elearning, please visit the Mental Capacity Act programme page.

Celebrating 100 million session launches

Posted on: March 9th, 2023 by Louise Garrahan No Comments

Health Education England elearning for healthcare (HEE elfh) has reached a huge milestone with more than 100 million session launches on the platform. Read more about it in our blog: https://telblog.hee.nhs.uk/elfh-hits-100-million-session-launches

elfh is a NHS England programme in partnership with the NHS and professional bodies