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e-Learning for Healthcare Hub sees highest daily session launches

Posted on: January 7th, 2021 by Leanne Hargreaves No Comments

The number of session launches in one day on the Health Education England elearning for healthcare Hub (HEE elfh) has reached its highest figure ever.

On Tuesday 5 January 2021, the HEE elfh Hub saw a record 190,415 session launches in a single day, with health and care professionals accessing a variety of elearning sessions from the free 350+ elearning programmes available. During 2020, elfh saw more than 22 million session launches on the Hub throughout the year.

The health and care workforce is continuing to use the elfh Coronavirus elearning resources to support their response to the pandemic and the elfh COVID-19 vaccination elearning programme is an essential part of the vaccination recruitment and training process. Health and care colleagues are using the resource to develop the knowledge needed to confidently promote high uptake of the COVID-19 vaccine and deliver the vaccination programme effectively, which is resulting in the elfh Hub seeing a further surge in usage on the platform.  To date there have been more than 710,000 session launches of the elfh COVID-19 vaccination elearning programme alone.

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