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SCRIPT: supporting safer prescribing practices in hospitals

Posted on: December 23rd, 2021 by Rachel Gowland No Comments

The Medicine and Surgery SCRIPT elearning programme aims to improve knowledge of prescribing and medicines safety in the hospital setting. Originally developed for Foundation trainee doctors, it is now freely available to anyone with an or email address.

Medicine and Surgery SCRIPT comprises 50 modules in 7 categories. Module categories include:

  • Principles of Prescribing
  • Prescribing in Medical Emergencies
  • Managing the Risks of Prescribing
  • Prescribing in Special Circumstances
  • Therapeutic Groups
  • Clinical Governance
  • Advanced Prescribing

Each module takes approximately 60 minutes to complete. All course materials have been authored by a team of expert healthcare professionals and are regularly reviewed and updated.

Benefits from using SCRIPT elearning modules

  • Safer prescribing
    SCRIPT enhances prescribing and therapeutics knowledge among prescribers, therefore improving patient safety
  • Professional development
    Certificates are made available on completion of a module, which can be used for online learning portfolios as evidence of continuing professional development.
  • Flexible learning
    SCRIPT is easily accessible and intuitive to use, allowing users to complete modules at their convenience and refer back to modules at any time.
  • Free to learners with a or address.

How do I access the elearning programme?

You can learn more about the SCRIPT elearning programme by visiting the SCRIPT website.

Prescribing Simulator tool for prescribers now live

Posted on: March 19th, 2019 by Alex Drinkall No Comments

Health Education England elearning for healthcare and The British Pharmacological Society have worked together to develop the Prescribing Simulator which is a formative assessment tool for all prescribers to develop their prescribing skills.

On accessing the Prescribing Simulator users are presented with clinical scenarios in a hospital setting that require a medicine to be prescribed using an electronic prescription form. The prescription is then automatically scored, and feedback is provided to guide the user as to where improvements can be made.

After logging into the simulator users can select a test based on either clinical setting, therapeutic area or even patient age. Selecting the test allows a strength or weakness to be targeted to areas of personal improvement. Alternatively, users can access pre-prepared assessments for a variety of lengths and topics to test their general knowledge.

While the scenarios on the Prescribing Simulator are written in a hospital setting the cases are relevant to general practitioners, pharmacists and other prescribing groups.

After logging into the simulator users can select tests based on clinical setting or therapeutic area to complete targeted development based on the following areas:


  • Gastrointestinal diseases (GIT)
  • Cardiovascular diseases (CVS)
  • Respiratory disease (RESP)
  • Neurological disease (NEURO)
  • Psychiatric disease (PSYCH)
  • Infectious disease (ID)
  • Endocrinological and metabolic disease (ENDO)
  • Dermatological disease (DERM)
  • Ear, Nose and Throat disorders (ENT)
  • Ophthalmological disease (EYE)
  • Haematological disease (HAEM)
  • Oncology and palliative medicine (ONC)
  • Rheumatological disease (RHEUM)
  • Renal diseases (RENAL)
  • Urological disorders (UROL)
  • Surgical diseases (SURG)
  • Obstetrics and gynaecology (O&G)

The Prescribing Simulator aligns to relevant learning outcomes set out in ‘Outcomes for Graduates’ (published by the GMC). It also provides learning material that is relevant to UK final year medical students preparing to sit the Prescribing Safety Assessment and also aligned to many of the competencies highlighted in the Prescribing Competency Framework.

For more information about the Prescribing Simulator, including how to access, visit:


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