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e-Learning for Healthcare – What’s next?

Posted on: March 15th, 2021 by Alex Drinkall No Comments

HEE’s TEL team provides a range of services that enable the application of learning technologies and simulation-based education within HEE and across the health and care workforce to support education and training to improve patient care.

The TEL team’s services include managing three digital platforms that provide learning opportunities for the health and care workforce. The largest of these platforms is the elearning for healthcare (elfh) Hub.

In 2020, the elfh Hub saw 22 million session launches and it has seen over 50 million session launches since elfh began. The number of people accessing elfh content is increasing every day and the TEL team is keen to ensure stability for learners in the future.

In May 2020, the TEL team launched the Learning Hub; a new digital platform that provides easy access to a wide range of education and training resources for the health and care workforce. Organisations and users can contribute and share resources for those in health and care to access.

As part of the further development of the Learning Hub, existing elfh content will be migrated to the Learning Hub.  As well as the learning content being migrated, users’ accounts will also be transferred to ensure learning records are preserved to provide continuity for learners and employers.  It is important to highlight that all the existing functionality that users experience on the elfh Hub will be retained and, in fact, accessing elfh content via the Learning Hub will provide additional features and functionality for learners. The migration of elfh content to the Learning Hub supports the ways of working and the future direction of the TEL team’s work; keeping platforms up to date using the latest technology and providing easy access to many other resources and resource types to further support education and training for the health and care workforce.

The elfh design and development service will continue to operate as it currently does, working with subject matter experts, clinical leads and stakeholders to develop high quality digital learning content to meet the needs of our health and care learners.

We will share further updates when possible in our monthly newsletter, TEL News, and on Twitter – @HEE_TEL.  If you have any questions about the migration or would like adding to the distribution list for TEL News, please email

elfh is a NHS England programme in partnership with the NHS and professional bodies