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Continuing professional development opportunities for learning disability nurses

Posted on: November 1st, 2023 by Kieron Bradshaw No Comments

This year, Learning Disability Nurses Day is a double celebration for us as it also marks six months since the launch of a bespoke training package for learning disability nurses called the Learning Disability Nursing CPD Award.

The response to the training so far has been brilliant as almost 2,000 people have already registered to use it. If you haven’t already tried it, you can access the training for free on the NHS Learning Hub and we hope that it will support you in your career. We want the training to be as meaningful and valuable as possible for you, so please do complete the evaluation survey at the end of the training as well, to let us know what you think of it.

Covering the core principles of the profession, the training aims to help resolve any gaps in knowledge that colleagues already practicing may have; and it can also be used as an introduction to learning disability nursing for any healthcare professional with an interest in the area. The training can also help prepare you for specialising in key areas as it includes modules on inpatient settings, community, forensic and intensive support settings, as well as primary and acute care liaison.

This fantastic step forward is part of work to advance a dedicated career structure for learning disability nursing. The training supports the delivery of the All England Plan for Learning Disability Nursing, and aims to support those thinking about a career in this profession, as well as those in training and those currently working as a learning disability nurse.

Learning disability nurses are one of the most diverse and adaptable professional groups, working in a variety of settings and roles, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank every single one of you for the care and support that you provide every day.

Discussing the training, David Harling, National Deputy Director for Learning Disability Nursing at NHS England, said:

“The launch of the new Learning Disability Nursing Continuing Professional Development Award signals an important marker in both the evolution and investment in our profession. For over 100 years learning disability nurses have been providing expert care to people with learning disabilities and their families, and the advent of this programme will enable them to further their knowledge and skills.

“The programme has been created by learning disability nurses working in a variety of specialist areas of care and we hope it will become one of requisite benchmarks supporting specific roles, be this within job descriptions or as part of the learning disability nursing career framework.”

Ellie Gordon, Senior Nurse; Autism, Learning Disability and Mental Health at NHS England, said:

 “It has been a real pleasure to be part of this piece of work. Collaborating with learning disability nurses to progress from an ‘ask’ to a programme of continuing professional development that not only supports knowledge development, but also provides tools and resources to enhance nursing specific skills.

“When we first launched the All England plan for Learning disability nursing back in 2020, we had a clear vision that we not only needed to attract more people into learning disability nursing, but we also needed to develop those nurses who specialised in this area. We also knew that to develop such specialist nurses we would have to develop something that really spoke to nurses and nursing, and which showed how much we value and appreciate all that these great nurses do. I really feel that with this training we have started to do just that, and I look forward to continuing to work with learning disability nurses to develop and grow this great profession.”

Access the training

You can find out more and access the training now on the NHS Learning Hub.

Multi-professional preceptor training launches

Posted on: June 12th, 2023 by Kieron Bradshaw No Comments

The first sessions of a pioneering e-Compendium are now available to support preceptors across nursing, midwifery and the allied health professions (AHP).

The much-anticipated Multi-Professional Preceptor e-Compendium aims to recognise the needs of preceptors, and provides them with the guidance, support and practical tools needed to carry out their vital role. It marks the launch of a modern and cohesive set of resources that are aligned to the Preceptorship Principles and Frameworks across each of the professional groups.

The 2 sessions now available provide an overview of the preceptor role across each of the professional groups, along with dedicated training on leading and coaching preceptees. These sessions are currently free to access for health and care employees using their work email address to register. People without NHS or GOV email addresses will be able to access the e-Compendium in the future as the training develops, and we will share more information about this when available.

Moving into the role of a registered health and care professional is recognised to be a challenging time for staff. The e-Compendium forms part of the wider strategy to welcome and integrate newly registered professionals into the workplace, allowing them to successfully navigate the transitional period, and supporting their growth and confidence.

The training aims to help preceptors to reflect on their own experiences of this transitional period, and to optimise their knowledge and skills to best position themselves to support others. It also supports the preceptor to develop valuable skills that will help them in other supporting roles they may find themselves taking on during their current or future roles.

Developing the training has been a fantastic team effort across the nursing, midwifery and AHP workforce, and it is aligned and complementary to the Preceptorship Principles and Frameworks across these professional groups. Teams involved in creating the training include: NHS England WT&E’s National Nursing and Midwifery Team, National AHP Preceptorship and Foundation Support Programme, and National RePAIR Team, in partnership with the University of Huddersfield.

Accessing the training

To find out more and access the training, please visit the

Multi-professional Preceptor e-Compendium programme page.

Coming soon:

More sessions will be added to the e-Compendium in the near future, including: identifying and agreeing the Preceptee’s learning and support needs; the health and well-being of the preceptor and preceptee; reflecting on your experience as a Preceptor. More details on these will be shared as they become available.

Please also see:

National preceptorship framework for nursing

National preceptorship framework for midwifery

New VR 360 app helps nursing staff consider a career in adult prison healthcare settings

Posted on: October 12th, 2022 by Louise Garrahan No Comments

The Simulation and Immersive Technologies team within Health Education England Technology Enhanced Learning (HEE TEL) has developed a new, immersive virtual reality (VR) 360 degree app for nursing colleagues who may be interested in a healthcare career within adult prison settings.

Developed in partnership with HEE National nursing and midwifery directorate and NHS England’s National Health and Justice team, the downloadable app features interviews with several healthcare professionals including a mental health nurse, a healthcare officer and a GP.

Each interview provides an overview of delivering care to the prison population and outlines the benefits and challenges of working in this environment.

The app also features scenarios based on real-life practitioner/patient interactions and invites learners to choose the most appropriate action related to issues around prescription of medication and referrals to hospital.

A user guide to help learners navigate through the various elements of the app plus standalone elearning sessions that include the scenarios from the app and workbook/reflective questions are also available. All resources can be accessed on the elearning for healthcare Hub.

On completion, learners should have a good, rounded view of working within prison healthcare settings.

For more information and to access the resource, please visit the Nursing in Adult Prison Healthcare Settings programme page. Learners can also download the app to view on a virtual reality headset or on a phone with a cardboard headset.

New module on pregnancy available in the nursing programme

Posted on: March 31st, 2022 by Rachel Gowland No Comments

A new module has been added to SCRIPT’s Nursing elearning programme. Pregnancy and the Puerperium is now available, in addition to existing modules developed for qualified NHS nurses and midwives, and student nurses. Every SCRIPT module takes approximately 60 minutes to complete and has been authored by a team of expert healthcare professionals. You can learn more about the SCRIPT elearning programme by visiting the SCRIPT website.

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