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Elearning programme supports the application of public health ethics into practice

Posted on: June 22nd, 2022 by Rachel Gowland No Comments

In 2020 Health Education England commissioned research into resources which provide public health specialists and practitioners with the necessary knowledge and competencies for good public health practice. This elearning programme was developed to provide vital continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities for the public health workforce.

Maggie Rae, President of the Faculty of Public Health commented, “I am absolutely delighted to hear that Health Education England is launching 3 new public health ethics elearning modules. The modules will not only support our specialty registrars to meet the requirements of our curriculum; they are also of great benefit to all our core and wider public health colleagues to develop, refresh and consolidate their knowledge and understanding in this subject area”.

Jessica Lichtenstein, Chief Executive of UK Public Health Register (UKPHR) said, “We are really pleased to hear that our current and future registered Public Health Practitioners will benefit from having access to the new Public Health Ethics elearning modules. The practitioner standards are split into 8 keys areas, one of which focuses on practising professionally, ethically and legally. This new resource will be invaluable to those colleagues who are pursuing the practitioner portfolio as well as those maintaining their competencies in this subject”.

There are 3 sessions available in the Public Health Ethics elearning programme:

  • an introduction to Public Health Ethics
  • some Basic Theoretical Underpininngs
  • frameworks and Case Studies

The sessions align with the requirements of the UK Faculty of Public Health Specialist training curriculum, the Good Public Health Practice guidelines and the UKPHR practitioner standards to practicing professionally; ethically and legally.

Each session takes approximately 30 minutes, and a certificate is available to download on completion of each session.

How to access the elearning

You can learn more about the Public Health Ethics elearning programme in the elearning for healthcare website.

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