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NHS England launches first conflict management training in children’s healthcare

Posted on: May 24th, 2023 by Kieron Bradshaw No Comments

Staff working at all levels in children’s healthcare can for the first time access an online toolkit for recognising, managing and de-escalating conflict between families and healthcare professionals.

Conflict is upsetting and time-consuming for everyone involved and can also affect the care and treatment of a child. The new Understanding and Managing Conflict in Children’s Healthcare elearning foundation course will support staff to enhance their skills and confidence in managing these challenging situations.

Created by NHS England in partnership with the Medical Mediation Foundation (MMF), the content has been developed with the support and expertise of health professionals and parents and carers, who have had direct experience of conflict in children’s healthcare. It is underpinned by peer-reviewed research from children’s healthcare settings.

Launching the new training course, Fiona Lynch, CNO Senior Nurse Fellow at NHS England said:

 “Unresolved conflict is upsetting and we know that without appropriate and timely management, it can be both a barrier to great care and can impact on the wellbeing of staff and families. This fantastic new resource covers the overarching principles of managing conflict and supports healthcare providers to recognise and intervene early to manage the situation themselves.”

In an introduction to the course, Professor Simon Kenny, National Clinical Director for Children and Young People at NHS England said:

“I’m really delighted to introduce this course and I hope that you find it useful. We know that the evidence shows that this reduces the level of conflict, and that means that we can have a better relationship with our parents, give better support to the children that we look after, and also from a professional level, go to work without having that dreadful feeling that you’re going to be having a battle all day.”

The interactive training course includes a research-based pathway developed to help recognise the triggers and warning signs of conflict and how it escalates. It features interviews with parents and health professionals, short discussions with the course facilitators designed to enhance learning, demonstrations by actors of key skills for de-escalating conflict, and provides a range of perspectives and additional skills to help navigate these complex situations.

The online course comprises 3 modules covering the causes and impact of conflict, the conflict pathway, and the skills and strategies to manage and de-escalate conflict. Each module can be completed at the learner’s own pace, saving work as they go, and all learners will receive a certificate once they’ve completed all three modules.

Discussing the training, Kate Pye, Deputy Director for Children and Young People’s Nursing at NHS England, said:

“As a children’s nurse and previous head of nursing, I know the significant impact conflict can have on patient care, parents, and our NHS colleagues, so I’m delighted to introduce this course on recognising and managing conflict within children’s healthcare, which is available to all staff within the NHS. This is a comprehensive course which will provide you with some key tools and strategies to support you in recognising, managing, de-escalating, and hopefully preventing conflict. I hope you enjoy it and find it valuable.”

Sarah Barclay, Founder and Director of MMF said:

 “We have seen the impact that conflict can have on health professionals and families. However, many staff working in children’s healthcare have little or no training in recognising and managing it. We are really excited to launch this new training programme with NHS England. It will help staff working at all levels in children’s healthcare to understand the triggers, warning signs and stages of conflict escalation, and give them tools and resources to approach these challenging situations with compassion and confidence .”

Accessing the training

To find out more and to access the training, please visit the Understanding and Managing Conflict in Children’s Healthcare programme page.

About MMF

Established in 2010 as a not-for-profit organisation for understanding and managing conflict in children’s healthcare, the Medical Mediation Foundation (MMF) has trained more than eight thousand health professionals across the NHS and internationally.

Its peer-reviewed conflict management framework provides health professionals with a structured pathway designed to help them understand and manage conflict promptly and maintain constructive and collaborative relationships with families and patients. It offers face to face and virtual training, conflict coaching and mediation.

Supporting dental colleagues to lead on sustainable change

Posted on: May 11th, 2023 by Kieron Bradshaw No Comments

The whole dental team are respected voices and are ideally positioned to educate, advocate, model and lead sustainable change for the environment.

We are excited to announce that the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare has worked with NHS England elearning for healthcare to refresh our Environmental Sustainability in Dentistry sessions.

The module will support dental care professionals, including those working in primary and secondary care, to implement changes in practice, and to educate colleagues and patients on environmental sustainability.

Considering the environmental impact of our work can feel overwhelming at a time when there is so much uncertainty and stress levels are high. However, since human health and the environment are closely linked, healthcare providers must consider the environmental impact when providing care for patients. It’s hard now, but it will be even harder later.

All dental staff, from dentists and hygienists, to nurses, technicians and non-clinical colleagues, can lead change in reducing emissions – contributing to better oral health and reduced oral health inequalities for our communities.

Our refreshed elearning module supports colleagues to consider what steps you can take towards environmentally sustainable oral health and dental care. Comprising 3 sections that include practical examples of oral health and dental care initiatives with sustainable value, the refreshed elearning covers:

  • environmental sustainability in dentistry
  • what is happening in sustainable dentistry?
  • taking the next step.

Sustainable healthcare means delivering care in a way that maximises positive health outcomes whilst avoiding financial waste and harmful environmental and social impacts. By helping to prepare dental care professionals to implement changes in practice that reduce cost and pollution while improving dental health, this training can support colleagues to deliver high-quality care while minimising damage to the environment.

Accessing the elearning

The Environmental Sustainability in Dentistry module can be accessed on the elearning for healthcare hub.

To find out more about the wider Environmentally Sustainable Healthcare elearning programme, please visit the programme page on the elearning for healthcare hub.

New VR 360 app helps nursing staff consider a career in adult prison healthcare settings

Posted on: October 12th, 2022 by Louise Garrahan No Comments

The Simulation and Immersive Technologies team within Health Education England Technology Enhanced Learning (HEE TEL) has developed a new, immersive virtual reality (VR) 360 degree app for nursing colleagues who may be interested in a healthcare career within adult prison settings.

Developed in partnership with HEE National nursing and midwifery directorate and NHS England’s National Health and Justice team, the downloadable app features interviews with several healthcare professionals including a mental health nurse, a healthcare officer and a GP.

Each interview provides an overview of delivering care to the prison population and outlines the benefits and challenges of working in this environment.

The app also features scenarios based on real-life practitioner/patient interactions and invites learners to choose the most appropriate action related to issues around prescription of medication and referrals to hospital.

A user guide to help learners navigate through the various elements of the app plus standalone elearning sessions that include the scenarios from the app and workbook/reflective questions are also available. All resources can be accessed on the elearning for healthcare Hub.

On completion, learners should have a good, rounded view of working within prison healthcare settings.

For more information and to access the resource, please visit the Nursing in Adult Prison Healthcare Settings programme page. Learners can also download the app to view on a virtual reality headset or on a phone with a cardboard headset.

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